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Onsite Gunsmithing Fees

  • Hourly shop rate of $6/Hour, Min. shop charge of $25

  • Estimates are FREE and are only an estimate.

  • If your firearm requires factory work shipping is $40

     (If firearm requires manufacturer service)

  • All bills are calculated with shop rate + parts

Handgun Work

  • Revolver Action work $60 (+parts)

  • 1911 Action work $60 (+parts)

  • Glock Action work $60 (+parts)

  • XD Action work $60 (+parts)

  • M&P Action work $60 (+parts)

AR Work

  • AR FREE FLOAT installation $60 (+parts)

  • AR Trigger work $60 (+parts)

  • AR Barrel replacement $60 (+parts)

  • AR STOCK replacement $40 (+parts)

  • AR Complete Build $125  (+parts)

Sight Work

  • Sights purchased thru Taz Tactical NO charge

  • Mount and bore sight scope (not purchased thru Taz Tactical) $30

  • Install night sights $25

  • Bore sight scope $10

Sight in Packages

  • Professionally mount your scope $25 if not purchased thru Taz Tactical

  • Complete sight in process at your preferred distance by actual shooting of your firearm total cost $50

Detailed Cleaning

  • Thorough Cleaning

  • Inspect to ensure good working order, as well as inspect the barrel with a scope

  • Oil as needed

  • Rust removal as needed



Gun Smith Policies

  • All firearms must be inspected prior to starting work.

  • Firearms services performed on a first come, first served basis.

  • Bring your firearm to the store unloaded and cased.

  • Once a work is complete, the firearm can only be released to the person who dropped it off.

  • Please inform the gunsmith of any prior work done to the firearm.

  • Bring at least one magazine (if applicable) for the firearm.

  • For sight-in work, please bring 1 box of the same ammunition that you plan on using.

  • Warranty repairs are NOT done in house. We will assist with the manufacturer warranties on firearms purchased from Taz Tactical.

  • The gunsmith cannot instruct or teach (for insurance and legal purposes).

  • We do not service black powder guns, BB guns, pellet guns, paintball, airsoft, optics, or any fully automatic/SBRs.

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